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Wendy Waight



Hello, my name is Wendy Waight. I have been painting and drawing since I was a small child (don’t ask how many years that is) and I have always regarded this is an important part of who I am. Whilst at secondary school in West Sussex I was lucky enough to have two art teachers who really encouraged us all to gain drawing and painting skills, looking at many artistic styles but also more importantly to develop our own style and gain my ‘A’ level.


Early on my main influences were Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo but over time I got to know the work of Salvador Dali and to appreciate his skill, if not always the subject matter. The range of influences changed with the inclusion of the record album covers of Roger Dean ... such as the ones for Yes and Osibisa. I have always enjoyed reading fantasy and science fiction and these have often influenced what I chose to paint in the past. 


I have been a member of the Highworth Artists’ Society for over 14 years and enjoy the workshops, demonstrations and the opportunity to interact with other artists. During this period I have sold several works at the exhibitions, including still life, landscape and some pictures of our local band hall (one painting is permanently hanging in the band hall). During recent years I have revisited the works of Roger Dean and also gained inspiration from the work of John Howe and Brian Froud. 


Films such as the Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth by Jim Henson have helped to rekindle the interest in the fantasy genre. A brilliant demonstration by Sharon Hurst to the Highworth Artists’ Society last year was a timely reminder of what I enjoyed painting and the artistic journey continues.



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