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Wendy Fouracre



Art Societies/Clubs:


  • The Guild of Wiltshire Artists

  • Highworth Artists’ Society

  • Lechlade Art Society

  • Faringdon Art Society

  • Nythe Painting Club


I loved drawing and painting as a child and continued dabbling into my late teens, but became more involved with other crafts for years. It was ‘Watercolour Challenge’ that got me started again. I loved that programme! First I started with watercolours and enrolled in an evening class – joined Nythe Painting Club and then Highworth Artists’ Society in 2008. I am now also a member of The Guild of Wiltshire Artists, Lechlade Art Society and Faringdon Art Society. 


The beauty of belonging to an art club is the exchange of ideas and the courage to try something new. Working with pastels became my next love, painting a wide range of subjects but in particular portraits from photographs. I have had several commissions. More recently I have been working with tissue paper and acrylic inks. This is a completely different concept and worked completely by touch allowing my imagination to take over. I feel that working with different mediums and trying new ideas keeps my art fresh.

© 2014 by Highworth Artists Society. 

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