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Val Cosway



Valerie was born in Stratton St Margaret near Swindon. She started painting and drawing as a result of enrolling in local evening classes.


In 1986 she became a founder member of Nythe Painting Club, which was started to encourage local enthusiasts to meet, draw and paint together and to exchange ideas on different techniques and media.


Valerie attended Swindon College and obtained an 'A' Level in Art and Design in 1996. She has experience of working in oils, pastels and acrylics. She is now concentrating mainly in watercolour and has also been working on detailed pencil drawings, two of which were accepted for exhibition at the West of England Royal Academy Bristol.


As a former member of the Society of Flower Painters, she exhibited at Montisfont and the Botanical Gardens in Ryde, Isle of Wight. She has also sold pictures from an exhibition in Sweden.


She is currently a member of the following Societies:

  • Highworth Artists' Society

  • Guild of Wiltshire Artists

  • Faringdon Art Society

  • Lechlade Art Society

  • Nythe Painting Club


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