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Pam Hague



Art Societies:


  • Highworth Artists’ Society 

  • Lechlade Art Society


In 1985 my husband went to work in Sweden and I left work to join him. I wondered what I would do with all my spare time. My mother-in-law, who was an amateur artist herself, encouraged me to do some painting. What! Me paint? I could remember ‘mud’ daubs at school and that I was not good enough to do an art exam alone (compulsory at my school) but had to take art and embroidery together. I still failed. In fact the only times I enjoyed painting was doing surreal art at school because we painted to music and every Christmas using a new, pristine paint box. I still like clean paint boxes – not arty I’m told!


I decided to have ‘a go’ and purchased a box of Derwent watercolour pencils in Sweden. I love flowers and that was what I began practising on. I couldn’t believe that I had actually made a sort of passable start. Next came a proper watercolour box and learning from books. On return to England I enrolled in an art class not realising that it was teaching oil painting. I enjoyed that too! Coincidentally the tutor was my school art teacher! Since then I have attended numerous courses in watercolour as well as pastels which I love. I am also itching to get back into oil painting. 


In 2009 I was accepted as a member of Highworth Artists’ Society and shortly after joined Lechlade Art Society.

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