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Christine Middleton



Art Societies/Clubs:


  • Society of Floral Painters

  • Highworth Artists’ Society

  • Lechlade Art Society


I have drawn and painted as long as I can remember, encouraged by an older cousin who could draw.


When my children were small and I was not working I painted birds, animals and flowers, in acrylics, for my own pleasure and was fortunate that friends and neighbours asked to buy my work. This developed and I took on several commissions, some of which are now in Australia, America and South Africa.


When I returned to work I painted on high days and holidays and not very frequently. Whilst visiting Mottisfont Rose Garden I was inspired by the exhibition of flower painting by the Society of Floral Painters. I plucked up courage and applied, after taking my pictures to Derbyshire for evaluation I was thrilled to be accepted in the year 2000. 


I am self-taught apart from attending a course for watercolours, something I had never attempted before but grew to love. Over the last few years my style has developed and has become more stylised with a botanical feel. I still keep my hand in with landscapes but flower painting is my first love.


I belong to Highworth and Lechlade Art Societies and enjoy the company of fellow artists. I exhibit at both of the above and for the Society of Floral Painters which is an International Society.

© 2014 by Highworth Artists Society. 

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