Lesley O'Brien



As a child of the industrial North in the 50s and 60s, painting wasn’t considered a ‘job’ so, although taught to draw at an early age by my gifted grandfather, I have no formal training in art and only managed a mediocre GCE.


I began painting portraits in oil at the age of 14 and continued into my late teens/early twenties but gave up as a young mum.  When I had time as the children grew I turned to watercolours and some commercial success followed.  Life, growing children and a full time job then left little time for me to pursue art so my brushes retired for quite some time.


A brief flirtation with oils in the last decade reawakened my love for this medium so now, in retirement, it has become my passion.  I love nature, birds and animals and this is reflected in much of my work.  Recent projects have been worked in pastels and I’m still enjoying that journey.


Commissions undertaken in oils and pastels.