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Autumn 2020 Exhibition

Click on an image for details of the painting.

IMG_4879 (3).JPG
African Blue Eyed Daisies (2).JPG
Christine Gill image1 (1).JPG
Christine Gill image2.JPG
Christine Gill image3.JPG
Christine Gill image4.JPG
Pam Hague River Windrush.jpg
Pam Hague Pink clematis.jpg
Pam Hague Peace (1).jpg
Pam Hague Tranquility.jpg
Christine Middleton Blue Hydrangea.jpg
Christine Middleton Fox With The Blues.J
Christine Middleton Mouse on Seed Head.J
Christine Middleton Tulips after William
Christine Purdy RAINBOW OWL.jpg
Christine Purdy RAINBOW HORSE.jpg
Christine Purdy PINK HYDRANGEAS.jpg
Christine Purdy IMG_3598 (3).JPG
Sue Koala.jpeg
Sue The Breaker.jpeg
Sue Sundown.jpeg
Sue Wrekin View Shropshire.jpeg
Gill Thomas Cherry Red.jpg
Gill Thomas Springtime!.jpg
Gill Thomas Juicy!.jpg
Gill Thomas Tabby.jpg
Lyn Armstrong Seashore.jpg
Lyn Armstrong Shorebreak.jpg
Lyn Armstrong Flamboyant Flow.jpg
Lyn Armstrong irises.jpg
Wendy Fouracre IMG_3344.jpg
Wendy Fouracre IMG_2943 (4).jpg
Weny Fouracre IMG_3280 (2).jpg
Wendy Fouracre IMG_3360 (1).jpg
Ian Millar 1.Ambleteuse.Ian Miller.jpg
Ian Millar 2.Dittisham. Ian Miller.jpg
Ian Millar 3.Lake District farm.Ian Mill
Ian Miller 4.Moscow skyline. .jpg
Sandra Palmer image (2).jpg
Sandra Palmer image (4).jpg
Sandra Palmer image (6).jpg
Sandra Palmer image (8).jpg
Val Cosway Farm in Cornwall.JPG
Wendy Waight Burrows.JPG
Val Cosway IMG_4395 (2).JPG
Val Cosway Marlborough Forest.JPG
Val Cosway Summer Roses (1).JPG
Wendy Waight Dyrham Park Sentinel.jpg
Wendy Waight In a tangle.jpg
Wendy Waight Left Behind.JPG
Roger Jones IMG-2737.jpg
Roger Jones IMG-2741.jpg
Roger Jones IMG-2742.jpg
Roger Jones IMG-2744.jpg
Debra Brown IMG_0733 (2).JPG
Debra Brown IMG_0267.JPG
Debra Brown IMG_0735 (2).JPG
Lucille Lonsdale IMG_2149T (2).jpg
Lucille Lonsdale IMG_1804T (1).jpg
Hilary Sinclair Bandstand in winter.jpg
Hilary Sinclair Cherry reds.jpg
Lucille Lonsdale IMG_1824.jpg
Lucille Lonsdale IMG_E0272.JPG
Hilary Sinclair Harvest from the Hollow.
Hilary Sinclair Study in greys.jpg
Ronnie James IMG-20201017-WA0000 (2).jpg
Ronnie James IMG-20201017-WA0001 (2).jpg
Ronnie James IMG-20201017-WA0002 (2).jpg
Ronnie James IMG-20201017-WA0003 (2).jpg
Loise Thompson IMG_6061.jpg
Ann March Fairford Church.jpg
Ann March Inglesham Church.jpg
Ann March Liddington Hill.jpg

© 2014 by Highworth Artists Society. All paintings on this site are the sole responsibility of each artist. They hold the copyright of the paintings which have been described and reproduced as closely as is possible for the website.  Highworth Artists Society and its members cannot take any responsibility for any discrepancies

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